Current activities

Current Activities

In the last decade, I was involved in development of the subjects Product Configuration and Product Family Modelling. Based om this work, I took the initiative to form the research group Mass Customization (follow link for further information). 

In addition, I am researching Building Modelling. The Danish building construction industry is currently undergoing major changes towards increased use of IT and IT based methodologies. Especially, this includes methodologies for building modelling, also termed BIM, Building Information Modelling. I have participated in a number of research project in collaboration with collegues from Aarhus School of Architecture and some reports have been published (see the reseach page with projects and publications for further information). Some years ago, I took up a debate about creation and use of classification systems in the building construction industry and a large number of views was expressed. See my working papers under publications.

In general, I am very interested in research and development regarding new technologies, primarily IT based technologies. An exampe is self controlled cars (robocars) and remotely controlled cars. Many new technologies are under development in the car industry and new advanced features are rapidly being implemented in today’s cars. Examples are driver assistance for road monitoring, blind spot warning, automatic emergency breaking, collision warning, adaptive speed regulation, and sign recognition. One of the new technologies is about the use of wireless communication between cars – vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication – so that the cars can react faster to the car in front and it is possible to drive with less distance between cars and connect cars in a row – platooning. Furthermore, cars can be connected wireless from a driver or any controlling user and controllers can in this way start a car and perform some limited driving functions. On this basis, a number of new application may be developed.