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Curriculum Vitae

Kaj A. Jørgensen is Associate Professor, Department of Production, Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark. He is born in 1946 in Hjørring, Denmark.

His key qualifications: B.Sc. Building Construction and Civil Engineering, B.Com. Business Administration. Since 1974, he has gained research on international level and lecturing experience at university level.

His primary teaching subjects: Information Modelling, Information Systems Development, Strategic Information Systems, Database Systems, Data Structures, Product Modelling, Product Configuration and Product Meta Modelling.

His primary research activities are about Information Modelling (development of a new object-oriented methodology), Product Modelling and Product Configuration, Product Configuration in the Building Industry, Use of Product Model Servers, Benefits of Using Object-Based Building Models, and Use of Classification in the Building Industry.

At the department, he has been the co-ordinator of the research group Mass Customization.

Department of Materials and Production, AAU · Fibigerstræde 16 · DK 9220 Aalborg · Phone: +45 2913 3611 ·